Design. Maintain. Impress.

Phoenix Websites is a local start-up consisting of two young students, Alex Johnson and Austin Eberwein. We were inspired to create our own small business in the fall of 2014 when Austin was assigned to create a business plan for one of his classes.

Two Young Students

Alex Johnson is hoping to graduate with a degree in computer programming in the future, and he certainly has a made a head start. His ability to code in HTML, Java, and CSS is the center of the design department at Phoenix Websites.

Austin Eberwein, on the other hand, wishes to go into finance and business. He enjoys talking with others, dealing with finances, and exploring the small business atmosphere of Raleigh!

100% Student Made Guarantee!

No templates. No website builders. Just creativity. When you hire one of our engineers, you are assured a unique website written 100% by programming students. You are investing in your business's future as well as our education.

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